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Every man wants a wife like me! [Aug. 22nd, 2009|04:09 pm]

So today, despite my back STILL hurting, I NEEDED to get stuff done while Halfy and I were both up and being productive. So I switched over the laundry and then was DETERMINED to get some more trim done. So I left Halfy inside with the girls (He had been mowing the lawn and came in to cool down a bit) and I went out to the garage/workshop with my mitre box and hand saw grabbed some of the uncut trim and went at it. I cut the trim for around the basement door as well as the front and back doors. I Just need to cut the trim for around the back of the bathroom door and the main floor trim will be done. Then we only need to do the trim around 5 doors upstairs and all the trim inside will be done. I am trying to figure out a way to do the baseboards as well but just getting the trim done will make the house look SOOOOO much more awesome!

My goal right now is to get the house looking as AWESOME as possible so that when we put it on the market in Jan/Feb we can say "Look what we did!" and it shows better and sells quickly for what we are asking for it. we want to ask almost $30K more than what we paid for it last year so we have to make it look as nice as possible. I would LIKE to install our woodstove but it's expensive to install. it saddens me because I would REALLY like to install it before winter.

anyway Rina is up and Kalli should be getting up soon. Halfy just got back with the new faucet for the kitchen as well (I Accidentally broke our current one) and I want to install that so I should go and get some more done.
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2009|10:05 pm]
So in good news my garden is doing AWESOME! Made a salad today using some of the lettuce from the garden. Then went out tonight to take pics of it.
Here they are:Collapse )
So there is my garden.
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argh [Jul. 23rd, 2009|01:26 am]


I forgot to mention that yesterday not only did Rina manage to throw up all over the car when we were an hour away from home. but right before we left (When I was preparing their sippy cups of milk so my back was turned for all of a minute) She coloured all over my back door, side of my fridge, and floor with a green marker! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! She SOOOOOO Got a time out! Thankfully it was a washable marker so it came off easy but DAMN!

Today has been rough. My cousin apparently wants to take the entire family to Disney world in Florida with her inheritance from her fathers death. I have been invited but I think I am turning it down. I would LOVE a free trip to Florida but I would be under the control of my family. they would be able to tell me when and where I could go and I would be housed with them for a week. Not to mention my cousins annoying husband and bratty kids. (well kid. Her eldest is fine but her youngest is AWFUL!) It would mean being trapped with my Stepdad and Mom, my aunt. The whole thought of it triggers me to tears. I sat here tonight sobbing to Halfy about it. the only upside about it is they are taking my Poppa and I would LOVE to spend that time with Poppa but it's just not reason enough to go. It's also something they can hold over my head for the rest of my life which is a power I will not let them have over me. (In other words they would forever feel I owed them because of this.)

It all seems really ludicrous but it's hard explaining my family. I got really pissed at my Mom yesterday because, somehow, we got on the topic of this wall unit in her basement. She was talking about getting rid of it and I told her I would take it if she did. (It's kind of a nice wall unit) and she told me "Well you're cousin K kind of laid claim to it already. But if she decides she doesn't want it you can have it." I LOST it! When my grandparents downsized from a large house to a small apartment I was not able to help them (I was a teen and working fulltime, couldn't get the time off) Everyone in my family raided their house and took everything. My cousin S got a LOAD of stuff and put it in storage (bed, couch table, etc) and stopped  paying for the storage locker like a year later without telling anyone (He was living with us at the time) and lost it all. I got NOTHING and he threw away all this stuff. I was FURIOUS with him then. Now I am furious with my Mom. She never thinks of me when giving away furniture or appliances. She has given my cousins fridges/stoves, couches, Tables, cabinets, etc. Anyway I am rambling and ranting.I am just hurt and angry. I am not saying I should be entitled to the crap my parents give away it would be nice if it was offered though.I've even been told that the diningroom set that they brought me from my Grandfathers (When he died last year) is ONLY a loan and they may want it back at some point. I doubt they will ever want it back it's just the principal of it all. The fact that they said that to begin with.

Anyway I started looking up prices of Package deals to Florida and realized it's probably a pipe dream to want to go there ever. I know the kids are too young right now anyway so it's just something I can keep in mind for the future.

Halfy wants me to make sure I tell my doctor all my feeling and such at the end of August when I go. He says maybe she can help me even out my emotions. I told him it'll have to wait until we get on a medical plan through one of our jobs. I Just keep convincing myself things are getting better, because they are, I just really need to find a way to separate myself from my family I find they are some of the main things that trigger my rotten moods. Some days just the thought of talking to them can stir me into a frenzy. So yeah I have to figure out how to stop it all.

I guess I should go to bed. This is going to be a long week! What with it raining all week and being stuck inside with the kids.


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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2009|08:40 pm]
My Mother seriously needs to leave my father. He plays on the computer while my Mom and her sister are unpacking boxes and reorganizing cupboards and furniture and then get upset at her, and I, when I call about if she set up an appointment so I can take her car in tomorrow to get the windshield fixed for her. (A stone hit her windshield and the insurance will pay to have it repaired. He was mad because I was taking her away from unpacking boxes and re-organizing the kitchen cabinets while he played on FACEBOOK! My Mom and aunt both have M.S. and my mom  is awaiting knee replacement surgery and can hardly walk! He is constantly telling her she is "being useless" and "Being lazy" While he himself sits on his ass. When I mention to her that he  just called her useless she recants by saying "No he said I am 'BEING useless' which I am I should be up doing something." LIKE SERIOUSLY!

And, for the record, I am not a huge believer about the power of suggestion. But I think that belief is starting to waver.See My Stepdad last year around the time we moved started frequently telling my Mom she is becoming fogetful. At first I thought that sure she's getting older and she was really stressed between my Poppa getting diagnosed with alzhiemers and having to frequently drive down and take care of him and working full time and her own medical issues on top of it all. Then I noticed my stepdad getting mad at her "forgetting" to do things that I know she never would have done to begin with. Like he SCREAMED at her once about not filling the gas can for the lawnmower/snowblower. For one my mother uses neither of these devices, for a second I have been around when they have both said my mother doesn't fill the gascan. Yet here he was screaming at her about stupidly forgetting to fill this gascan. Like wha!?!

Thats just the one example I can think of right now. But I have noticed he is more frequently saying it. He says it to me. I called the other day and he said something along the lines of "Oh I didn't know that. Your mother must have forgotten to tell me about it or just forgotten about it. She is completely forgetful these days. I can't let her do anything or depend on her for anything because she will just forget to do it anyway." And she was sitting in the chair right next to him!!!!!!

I honestly want/need to say something to him but everytime I do it just makes it worse for her. I feel like one day I am just going to lose it on him and beat the crap out of him. I am going to talk to her about it when I see her tomorrow. Her sister is there with her so maybe the 2 of us can talk some sense into her. I am past believing that all this is just in my head and really think my Mom needs to wake up.

Anyway in other more positive news. HAd my meeting with the CAS worker today. It went REALLY well. the worker seems pretty optomistic about us. He's coming back again next Thursday. I need to get a B class over 2LB fire extinguisher, water test, and to get the cats immunizations updated. We'll have to do a thorough house evaluation where they check the overall water temperature, and just the overall safeness of the house which is fine. He did a walkthrough today and seemed happy with everything that he saw so I take that as a good sign.

Also had some good news about a possible job for Halfy. If it works out he could start this new job within the next month.YAY!!!!! We should probably know by next week. I was hoping to do my bus test this week but I think I will put it off until next week. I am going to try to study like mad this week and see how confident I feel by Friday.

Man this summer feels like it is flying by! Things get so busy and yet I feel like I am doing nothing at all! I Think I have a free weekend and then end up double booked! Like this coming weekend I have a friends bridal shower in the afternoon and then right as that one is ending (Literally it ends at 3:30PM and I am due elsewhere at 3PM) I need to race off to Munster to a friends cancer fundraiser. She found out last year she has breast cancer and is doing the walk-a-thon this October for breast cancer awareness so she is having a fundraiser with poker, and carnival style games and donation boxes and raffles and the like in Munster Saturday and I told her I would come. I was going to bring the girls but I don't see a way to get them as I am not driving all the way back home from Russell before driving out to Munster. I don't even really want to go. Maybe I'll just play it by ear.
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2009|11:20 am]

So it's not even noon yet and I have cleaned both my bathrooms, tidied my kitchen, started washing some laundry, showered, Took apart Sarina's old crib and stored it away, Made beds, Fed kids breakfast and snack, made and drank coffee, tidied up our bedroom, Put everyone's hair up in pony tails.

I am hoping Halfy gets home in time for me to go see Harry Potter with my friends.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting with the CAS worker. Its my first individual meeting with him to become a foster parent. He'll have to have an individual meeting with Halfy as well. We have almost all the paperwork done. We just have to get our background checks and physicals done. I am doing my background check Tuesday.

Tuesday I am dropping off our well water test sample, Getting my background check, going to my parents place and picking up the lawn mower as well as visiting, coming home making dinner and all the normal home stuff. I am going to stay home Wednesday but am hoping to go to a local playgroup Thursday morning with the kids. I am nervous about going to the playgroup as I think it is primarily french but we'll see.

Been really busy lately helping my parents move into their new house and get their phone and cable hooked up. And just a whole bunch of little things.

I Have started studying to take my B licence test. I am hoping to take it Thursday or friday this week if I feel confident enough in my knowledge. My goal is to take it by the end of the week, do my 20 hours of drivers training early to mid august and then get my full licence Just after Aug 27th when I get my physical. (Yup need a physical for both becoming a foster parent as well as getting my B licence.) And then I'll have a route starting September. He already has the route lined up for me so I better not fuck up!LOL

Anyway off to make grilled cheese for the kids.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2009|06:39 pm]
So Halfy is going to a friends Bachelor party today. I Inquired and found out that they didn't order a cake so I decided to make one for Halfy to take with him. Here's the results:
NSFWCollapse )
Anyway I Know it's not the best but it is for a bunch of drunk men sitting around all night oggling strippers and drinking beer so I think it'll do!LOL I Had fun making it as well. I Gave the kids the bowls of cake batter and within 30 seconds they were in desperate need of a bath so they received an impromptu afternoon bath!

There's other stuff that has been happening as of late but I am too tired to write about anything else right now. I just had to share these pictures with ya'll.

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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2009|11:43 pm]
been a crazy week/weekend/past few days. Details are forthcoming. Hopefully on Tuesday when things calm down slightly.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2009|01:47 pm]
I love my kids so much. Outside this morning playing with bubbles watching them run and twirl trying to catch them and dancing around in the bubbles I sent airborn for them. This is my idea of perfection. we then had a break and ate popsicles and called my Mom (Wanted to make sure everything was fine with their house closing) and came inside.

I LOVE that Kalli will proudly announce "That's my job!" When it comes time to clearing or setting the table or refilling water cups. And that Rina will gather the lids to the straw cups and wait patiently as Kalli fills the cup in the water cooler then gently place the lid on the cup stating "MY JOB!" before Kalli hands the cup to me to tighten the lid. I like that my kids like to help out around the house and already understand the concept of helping and having assigned tasks.

Oh and the UPS guy just dropped off my laptop. he first attempted to yesterday but I was out. He told me just now that when he got here yesterday there was an OPP officer camped out on my driveway and the officer told him he'd been here awhile. that makes me feel SOOOOO good! I am glad they took my complaint call seriously and I hope that the kids learn to not use our street as a drag strip. Anyway off to continue reading my book and look over my repaired laptop as the kids continue to nap.
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Yesterday [Jul. 10th, 2009|09:30 am]


So yesterday I had a CRZY busy day. I got up at 5AM and got myself dressed. Thank-fully Wednesday night I packed the diaper/clothes bag, toy bag and snack cooler so all I had to do was throw some icepacks in the cooler and pour the coffee. (Coffee was set to start brewing at 5AM via timer!) Went upstairs and dragged the kids out of bed which was a fairly easy task because they were excited about today. Loaded kids and stuff in vanby 5:45 and waited for Halfy to come out. We hit the road right on time at 5:50 AM. I  gave the kids homemade banana muffins and chocolate milk during the car ride as breakfast. Dropped Halfy off and headed to my Mom's place to kill some time before Sarina's doctors appointment. This is where the fun started.

I get about a quarter of the way to my Moms when Halfy calls my cell and tells me to come back he forgot a key he needs for work on the keyring. I go back give him that and retrace my steps heading back to my Mom's. It's a 30 minute drive and I REALLY had to pee so stopped at a coffee shop which meant unloading and reloading the kids into the van. Did that and then about a quarter of the way to my Mom's the van starts emitting this AWFUL funky smell and the steering wheel begins to shake. I and freaking and quietly begging the van to just make it to my Mom's. I get to my Mom's with Kalli constantly asking me what's so stinky,honestly her asking this made me laugh making my nerves dissipate somewhat so I was amused. My parents had taken my Mom to the doctor for her injured knee and when they came back my Dad suggested this mechanic who lives around the corner from them and works out of his home garage. He's worked on our van before and I know he does good work. So I call him and he agrees to come pick up the van and I install the carseats in my Mom's car. She has lent us her car for a few days until we get the van back. She figured since che can't drive it right now anyway so I really appreciate the loan. And My Mom and I took the kids to the Doctor.

Sarina is now 3' tall and weighs 28Lbs. I was a little concerned that her weight is staying the same but she's growing tall so quickly that she's losing babyfat and gaining height so the doctor says she is growing just fine. I Cannot believe at 19 months old she is 3' tall! Kalli wasn't 3' until her second birthday! She is going to be tall when she grows up! So we then took the kids to a MCDonalds with the big playland and let them eat and play for about an hour. Rina is my little aredevil. She would hold onto this pole and dangle a few feet off the ground and then just drop and land on her feet and run off to do it again or climb a wall!LOL Crazy kid. Kalli was having a blast too. And I received a lot of "AWWWWW's" from other parents when I told the kids it was time to go and asked Kalli to take Sarina's hand and bring her out. Kalli walked over and Sarina reached her hand out, Kalli took it and they both walked out of the playstructure hand-in-hand peacefully and got their shoes to go. I am sooooo amazed with my kids. They are the bestest in my whole world!LOL

I drove my Mom home so she could make some calls she needed to and I could call the Mechanic. Turns out my Tie rod ends need to be replaced. So I left the van with him to completel that task. Again Mom agreed to lend us her car for a few days (Hopefully get the van back tomorrow) and I dropped my Mom off at my Dad's work. They were going to sign paperwork for the closing of their house, and then I headed off to pick up Halfy. Both kids were sounds asleep at this point and we headed off to a bookstore which, by the time we got there, both girls were awake by the time we got there.

In the bookstore there was a clearance table right when we walked in and Kalli found this BAckyardigans book that came with a faux MP3 player that plays backyardigan songs for $5 and Rina found a book on emergency vehicles shaped like a steering wheel with a button that plays quiet emergency sirens when a button is pushed (Non obnixious quiet!) for $2! Great deals! And then I found the new book by my FAVORITE Author Kelley Armstrong and OMG They had a signed copy on the shelf! I know the author lives near here but having a copy signed by the author for $10 I was FLABBERGASTED!!!!!! So I got that and another book! So far I am LOVING her new book and am taking extra care with it. When I am finished it I am going to make sure to put it up where the kids cannot get it!

After that we headed home picking up a chicken and wedge fries meal from the grocery store on our way. The kids were a little wrangy when we got home and ran off the last of their energy before Daddy tucked them in at 7:30PM. Rina was fussy until 8PM when I snuck up and gave her a final cuddle and sang her a lullaby. I tucked her in and told her to close her eyes and she made a game of peaking out at me from 1 eye. I left her room and snuck in a quick cuddle with Kalli talking about what an awesome kid she was all day and how great a big sister she is everyday! HAve her a hug and kiss and came downstairs to relax in the peace and wuiet.

Today I am supposed to be receiving my laptop through UPS. I got the stupidest reply last night from their customer care agent and responded to him haughtily. I may post those letters later today as they amuse me. Anyway promised to take the kids outside so off I go!


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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2009|01:55 pm]
Just threw a double batch of Banana bread/cake muffins in the oven. tomorrow we shall have ample supply of muffins to keep the troops happy! (I Hope!) And is it bad I LOVE Eatting my muffin batter?LOL I keep it reasonable just a spoonful!LOL
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